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[Open: Yes at 60%] Will there be any defections from the Labour Party whilst Corbyn is Leader? [Politics]

[Open: Democrat at 70%] Which party will win the 2016 US presidential election? [Politics]

[Open: Yes at 15%] Will there be a second Brexit referendum? [Politics]

[Open: Yes at 85%] Will Assad be the President of Syria at the end of 2016? [Politics]

[Open: 2800+ at 53%] On April 1 the DOW will be...? [Economics]

[Open: Yes at 45%] Will US Copyrights from 1923 fall into public domain in Jan 2019? [Politics]

[Open: Yes at 20%] Will Jeremy Corbyn be prime minister in 2021? [Politics]

[Closed: not Yes] Japan plays and beats Scotland in the 2015 rugby world cup? [Sport]

[Closed: Yes] Will Assad be president of Syria by the end of 2015? [Politics]